Meet our Doctors

Lindsey Citron, VMD

Rotating Veterinarian

Dr Lindsey Citron

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and went to Tufts University where I studied English literature and poetry. I completed a two year post-baccalaureate program and subsequently enrolled in veterinary school at The University of Pennsylvania. In my spare time, I love going to the gym and powerlifting, watching HGTV, and spending time with my husband, Brad. I have three sassy and opinionated cats: Patisse, Czarina, and Elvis.

Clinical Areas of Interest

Following my internship, I hope to pursue a residency in dermatology. My areas of interest include immune-mediated diseases, the treatment of ear disease, and anti-microbial selection and stewardship.

Why Do You Work at Friendship?

Prior to applying to the match, I spent time as an extern at FHA. To me, the internship program had everything I was looking for: excellent mentorship and hands-on experience, the opportunity to rotate through many specialty services, and a diverse caseload. I’m very excited to spend my first year as a doctor at Friendship!


  • Tufts University, BA English 2012
  • University of Pennsylvania, VMD 2019

Publications and Research

  • Citron L, Cain CL, Morris DO, Rankin SC, Bradley CW. The cutaneous and rectal microbiome of perianal fistulas and the effect of cyclosporine therapy. (In preparation)
  • Citron L, Littman M, Weinstein N, Foster JD. Correlation between canine urine cortisol-creatinine and protein-creatinine ratios collected at home and in hospital. J Vet Intern Med. (In review)
  • Oyama MA, Citron L, Shults J, Cimino Brown D, Serpell JA, Farrar JT. Measuring quality of life in owners of companion dogs: development and validation of a dog owner-specific quality of life questionnaire. Anthrozoos 2017; 30:1, 61-75.

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