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CVS Prescription Policy

Due to ongoing difficulty in transmitting prescriptions to CVS pharmacies specifically, and in the interest of improving client and patient care and safety, we will no longer be calling in or faxing prescriptions to CVS. If CVS is your chosen pharmacy, we are happy to provide a written, signed prescription, available to be picked up in person at the hospital. Alternatively, we can mail the hardcopy prescription to you, although additional time should be factored in for postal transport. We will continue to provide the courtesy of calling and faxing prescriptions to any other non-CVS pharmacies that you choose, including online pharmacies such as Chewy or our online pharmacy (link above).


You can also refill medications at the hospital by filling out the form below.

Online Refill Request

  • ^Medications require 72 hours for processing. If you require an expedited refill during emergency hours, or if the emergency service must contact your veterinarian outside of normal business hours to research and refill the prescription, an additional fee of $30 will apply.

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