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Currently EnrollingORAL MELANOMA CLINICAL TRIAL  (View pdf)


We are enrolling dogs that meet the following criteria:

  • Weighs at least 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Diagnosis of Stage III oral melanoma (not confined to lip)
  • At least one measurable lesion with a longest diameter of ≥10 mm ( ≥15 mm short axis for lymph node lesions)
  • Prior surgery acceptable (if performed at least 14 days prior to enrollment) if measurable disease remains which meets above criteria
  • No lung metastasis
  • No prior Oncept® melanoma vaccine

Other study inclusion and exclusion criteria apply; The veterinary Investigator will decide if the dog is a good candidate for this study after examination.


Qualified dogs and their owners should expect to stay in the study for approximately 6 months and have 15 scheduled visits at FHA. You will also be required to document study associated observations as appropriate.


  • Novel investigational product or placebo
  • Study-related examinations and diagnostics
  • Consultation and rechecks

We would be happy to provide you with additional information regarding the study. Please reach out to our Clinical Trials Coordinator, Noa Zeevi at 202-363-7300 or



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