May 08

Leptospirosis: Every Dog is at Risk!

Leptospirosis: Every Dog is at Risk!

We asked primary care veterinarian, Dr. Dana Carr, why the Leptospirosis vaccine is recommended at FHA:

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by infection with the Leptospira bacteria. These bacteria are found worldwide in soil and water and are spread easily through infected wildlife. There are many strains of Leptospira bacteria that can cause disease and current vaccines are cross-protective. Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease, which means it can be spread from animals to people. Therefore, it’s a health concern for all, even in an urban setting!  Experts and Friendship Hospital for Animals believe the all dogs are at risk and that the Leptospirosis vaccine should be considered a core vaccine. If your dog is not vaccinated for Leptospirosis please schedule a primary care appointment to further discuss the benefits of the vaccine.

For more information regarding Leptospirosis, go here:



Dr. Carr graduated from Michigan State University in 2006 and joined Friendship to complete her internship in 2007. Dr. Carr remained a staff doctor until 2012, when she relocated to Pittsburgh. Fortunately, she rejoined our team in 2015! Dr. Carr’s professional interests include senior care, feline medicine, and endocrinology.



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