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AUGUST 9TH, 2017 – Subclinical Bacteriuria in Dogs with CKD

Friendship Internal Medicine is now recruiting patients for a fully funded clinical study of Subclinical Bacteriuria in Dogs with CKD.

How do you approach a positive urine culture in a dog without any clinical signs?
Veterinary infectious disease experts have recommended that these dogs do not require therapy. However, diseases like chronic kidney disease (CKD) may increase the risk of ascending urinary tract infection. Currently, data isn’t available to help guide treatment recommendations. Our goal is to change that.  We are looking to enroll dogs with CKD and a positive urine culture, who lack clinical signs of lower or upper urinary tract infection.

This study is fully funded. All dogs will receive the following at no cost to the owners:

  • Exam by internal medicine specialist
  • Recheck urine culture to confirm bacteriuria
  • Complete blood count
  • Biochemical panel
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine protein:creatinine ratio
  • Urinary tract ultrasound
  • Analysis of serum and urinary renal injury biomarkers
Dogs will not receive antibiotic therapy throughout the duration of the study unless clinical signs of infection develop. Dogs with clinical signs of urinary tract infection at the time of enrollment will be treated with appropriate antimicrobials and not be eligible for enrollment.  All dogs will receive complimentary recheck examinations and free labwork at 1, 3, and 6 months after enrollment.  Please contact Friendship Internal Medicine to discuss enrolling your patient in this study. 


SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2017 – A Funded Clinical Trial to Evaluate an Autologous Vaccine Plus Adoptive T-Cell Transfer in the Treatment of Dogs with and Hemangiosarcoma.

Friendship Oncology Specialists is now recruiting patients for a funded clinical trial to evaluate an autologous vaccine plus adoptive T-cell transfer in the treatment of dogs with and hemangiosarcoma.
Trial Specifics:

Animal Clinical Investigations is conducting a clinical trial in dogs with hemangiosarcoma, sponsored by Elias Animal Health, LLC.  ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI™) is a personalized T cell-based treatment that triggers the patient’s immune system to eliminate cancer.

This trial is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of surgery combined with ECI-VAR-04 as a treatment for newly-diagnosed splenic hemangiosarcoma.  Following surgery, enrolled dogs will receive a series of vaccinations that are customized from the cancer tissue.  Up to 5 customized vaccines will be given over the course of the study.  After the vaccinations, the personalized T cells are collected through apheresis and then activated before being reinfused into the patient. Patients will receive oral chemotherapy prior to T-cell infusions. Following intravenous infusion of activated T cells and additional vaccination visits, enrolled dogs will be followed for up to 11 months.  The follow-up visits will include bloodwork, ultrasound examinations, and thoracic radiographs every 3 months.

Trial Funding:

The owner is responsible for the initial surgery, and the remainder of the trial is fully funded for the full trial duration (11 months), including all visit procedures and treatments.

Trial Eligibility:

Dogs with hemangiosarcoma may be enrolled if they meet the specific criteria:

  • Biopsy confirmation of splenic hemangiosarcoma
  • Splenectomy must be performed at a designated study site for appropriate tissue processing
  • No prior or current anti-cancer treatment other than surgery for hemangiosarcoma
  • No concurrent glucocorticoids or other immunosuppressive chemical agents
  • No second malignancy or other uncontrolled medical condition that may be disruptive to the objectives of the study

Please contact Friendship Oncology Specialists to discuss enrolling your patient in this study.


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