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Moose and Laurie's story

Moose and Laurie's story

"I've had Moose since March 2008.  I had just arrived to Camp Lejeune, NC, and was coming back from the beach one day when I stopped at a gas station.  There was a box of puppies there, and when I went to pet the puppies, they all shied away, except for Moose.  I knew right then and there I was going to take him home.

Moose was a lazy puppy! He slept most of the day, and even fell asleep during his puppy obedience classes.  He never barked or cried, and was an absolute gem.  He always had that smile on his face.  When Moose was 5 months old, I deployed for my first tour in Iraq, where I served as an Arabic translator.  Fortunately, a family friend was able to keep Moose.  He seemed to go through his terrible twos while I was gone (chewing, etc), but when I came back the following March, he was a beautifully behaved boy!  He had also gained over 35lbs in the time I was gone! We got to spend another spring and summer together before I deployed to Al Anbar, Iraq for the second time in August of 2009.
When I got back the following February, Moose was once again waiting for me.  I thought I wouldn't be deploying for awhile, so I found Moose a baby sister in the form of Maeby, my South African Mastiff.  Moose and Maeby became inseparable, to the extent that she would break out of her crate in order to sleep next to his! (I solved this by sticking them in the same crate.) 
In April 2010 I found out I would be deploying to Afghanistan in January 2011, so I was sent away for some extra training.  Fortunately, Moose and Maeby were able to come with me.  Moose was there in January to send me off to Afghanistan, where I worked as a Pashto translator.  He was also there when I came back in June, happy as ever!
Moose is the most adaptable dog I have ever met.  Every time I deploy, I worry that he will forget me.  When I come back, he makes sure I know that he didn't!   We have moved several times, but this is okay by him since he loves car rides so much. His temperament is amazing, and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  The best thing about having Moose is that he makes everyone smile with his effervescent personality and big doggie grin.  He is such an outstanding ambassador for the pit bull breed, as he is loving and gentle, and has never shown aggression towards any people, dogs, or even cats (although he thinks it's his personal duty to rid the world of squirrels).  Even after he was hit by the car and in unimaginable pain, he made no moves to snap at or bite people trying to help him.

Moose is what I call an "opportunist", meaning if you have a tennis ball, he will love you. Moose is nutty for fetch.  He will keep going until he is forced to stop, and he gives every chase 110%, taking great pride in returning the ball to you. For a stocky guy, he's really fast! He also loves swimming, especially in any sort of smelly water (boys will be boys).  Sometimes, he gets to take his tennis ball into the pond, which I think constitutes doggie heaven for him.  He also thinks bacon is the food of the gods, and will beg incessantly if I am making any.

Moose has no concept of evil or malevolence.  He really thinks everyone is there to be his friend, and that they all want big doggie kisses!  He is one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever seen, and I think perhaps the most handsome as well!"


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