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Clinical Pathology


Our veterinary clinical pathology laboratory is on site at Friendship 24 hours, 7 days per week. 24 hour access to this resource provides Friendship veterinarians with fast accurate results that can aid in the timely diagnosis of critically ill patients. The in-house laboratory provides hematology, blood chemistry, and urinalysis results with minimal turn-around time. All blood smears and urine samples are microscopically reviewed by trained technicians to assess for abnormalities. Friendship also partners with IDEXX laboratories to provide an extensive menu of diagnostic testing options including routine lab work, parasitology, serology, microbiology, and histopathology services.

Friendship’s laboratory is led by board-certified clinical pathologist, Dr. Tracie Romsland. Dr. Romsland works on-site to provide in-house cytology services, pathology reviews, and consultations to Friendship veterinarians.

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COVID-19 Update: Friendship is currently open. Due to ongoing concern revolving around COVID-19, we have implemented additional guidelines and protocols to ensure we can continue caring for your pets. Visit for the latest update.