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Shira Rosenblum, VMD

Surgical Specialists Intern

Orthopedic & Specialty Surgery

Shira Rosenblum

I was raised in West Orange, NJ and despite my love for travel, have not strayed that far from New Jersey for most of my education. I attended Rutgers University as an undergraduate, and this is where my passion for research was born. This interest ultimately led me to defer vet school for a year to perform cross-platform research focusing on therapeutics for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in different species. I attended the University of Pennsylvania for veterinary school. Philadelphia not only gave me my doctorate, but also brought Toulouse (aka Louie, rat cat, Louis, Howler monkey, and many more), my ever entertaining, talkative, and loving cat into my life. Louie and I moved to New York where I completed my rotating internship in small animal surgery and medicine at The Animal Medical Center. When not at work or photographing Louie, you can find me enjoying local food, culture, baking, hiking, and traveling. I am so excited to be moving to D.C. and to be joining the Friendship family!

Clinical Areas of Interest

  • Specialty surgery
  • Research
  • One Health

Why did you choose Friendship

Friendship embodies everything that is important and valuable to me: high quality medicine, research, compassion, and a positive work environment that encourages growth and further professional development.


  • B.S., Rutgers University, Double major: Animal Science, Pre-veterinary Medicine and Research Option and Biological Sciences, Summa Cum Laude
  • VMD, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Small Animal Rotating Internship, The Animal Medical Center

Publications and Research


  • Rosenblum ST, Schwartz P. Indications, outcome, and prognosis for dogs undergoing typhlectomy surgery: a retrospective study of 15 cases from 2012-2020. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Manuscript in process.
  • Rosenblum ST, Aronson LR. Bilateral renal descensus and intravesicular ureteroneocystostomy for the treatment of bilateral ureteral ligation and transection during ovariohysterectomy in two cats. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Manuscript in press. 2021. JAVMA-20-10-0596.R1.
  • Song Y, Morales L, Malik A, Mead A, Mitchell M, Petrov M, Greer C, Su L, Kozyak B, Choi M, Rosenblum ST, et al. Non-immunogenic utrophin gene therapy for the treatment of muscular dystrophy animal models. Nature Medicine. 2019; 25:1505–1511.
  • Song Y, Rosenblum ST, Morales L, Petrov M, Greer C, Globerman S, Stedman HH. Suite of clinically relevant functional assays to address therapeutic efficacy and disease mechanism in the dystrophic mdx mouse. The Journal of Applied Physiology. 2017; 122 (3): 593-602.
  • Rosenblum ST, Stedman HH. AAV9-utrophin restores muscle function in dystrophic mice. Cell Press Molecular Therapy. 2016; 24: S221.
  • Song Y, Malik A, Mead AF, Mitchell M, Petrov M, Su L, Morales L, Rosenblum S, Khurana T, Kornegay JN, Stedman HH. Prevention of muscular dystrophy by an AAV vector encoding a nonimmunogenic protein based on the evolution of utrophin and dystrophin. Cell Press Molecular Therapy. 2016; 24: S286.
  • Song Y, Mead A, Petrov M, Ingraham P, Morales L, Rosenblum S, Kornegay J, Stedman HH. Hypersensitivity of MYH16 fibers (M Fibers) to myodegeneration in canine muscular dystrophy. Cell Press Molecular Therapy. 2016; 24: S154.
  • Song Y, Petrov M, Rosenblum S, Morales L, Stedman HH. A reproducible and reliable non-invasive approach to assess the efficacy of gene therapy in mdx mice. Cell Press Molecular Therapy. 2016; 25: S250-251.


  • “Phylogenomic approach to design an optimized μUtrophin for the treatment of DMD”
    Rosenblum ST, Greer C, Song Y, Stedman HH
  • “Comparative phylogenomics of the dystrophin/ utrophin gene family: implications for gene therapy in DMD”
    Mead A, Greer C, Song Y, Morales L, Malik A, Mitchell M, Petrov M, Rosenblum S, et al.
  • “Effective gene therapy for muscular dystrophy by evolutionarily constrained design”
    Song Y, Malik A, Mead A, Mitchell M, Petrov M, Morales L, Greer C, Choi ME, Rosenblum S, et al.
  • “Hypersensitivity of M MyHC fibers (M fibers) to myodegeneration in canine muscular dystrophy”
    Song Y, Mead A, Petrov M, Ingraham P, Morales L, Rosenblum S, et al.

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