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Meet our Doctors

Katelyn McFadden, DVM

Rotating Veterinarian

Dr Katelyn McFadden

I am originally from Glastonbury, Connecticut. I have a cat, Sadie, that I adopted in vet school. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, and skiing.

Clinical Areas of Interest 

  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology

Why Do You Work at Friendship?

I was impressed by the emphasis on mentorship and becoming part of the Friendship family. I also appreciated the opportunity to rotate through many specialties and learn from multiple specialists in their fields.


  • University of Connecticut, BS Animal Science
  • Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, DVM

Publications and Research

  • K.E. Govoni, M.L. Hoffman, A.K. Jones, S.M. Pillai, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Reed, and S.A. Zinn. The effects of poor maternal nutrition during gestation on offspring postnatal growth and metabolism. J Anim Sci.
  • J.E. Duan, M. Zhang, K. Flock, S.A. Seesi, I. Mandoiu, A. Jones, E. Johnson, S. Pillai, M. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, H. Jiang, S. Reed, K.E. Govoni, S. Zinn, Z. Jiang, X.C. Tian. Effects of maternal nutrition on expression of genomic imprinted genes in ovine fetuses. Epigenetics. 
  • A.K. Jones, M.L. Hoffman, R.E. Gately, K.K. McFadden, S.M. Pillai, K.E. Govoni, S.A. Zinn, and S.A. Reed. Ultrasound during mid-gestation: Agreement with physical fetal and placental measurements and use in predicting gestational age in sheep. Reprod. Domest. Anim. 
  • S.M. Pillai, A.K. Jones, M.L. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Reed, S.A. Zinn, and K.E. Govoni. Fetal and organ development at gestational days 45, 90, 135 and at birth of lambs exposed to under- or over-nutrition during gestation. J of Anim Sci. 
  • A.K. Jones, R.E. Gately, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Zinn, K.E. Govoni, and S.A. Reed. Transabdominal ultrasound for detection of pregnancy, fetal and placental landmarks, and fetal age before Day 45 of gestation in the sheep. Theriogenology. 
  • M.L. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, T.A. Hoagland, G.W. Kazmer, and K.E. Govoni. Short communication: Expression of T-box 2 and 3 in the bovine mammary gland. J. Dairy. Sci. 

I also have co-authored 15 abstracts published for conference proceedings. I was heavily involved in research during my undergraduate years primarily focused on how maternal nutrition (both under- and over-feeding) during gestation affects fetal and postnatal growth and development using sheep as a model. I also completed research projects evaluating the effects of vitamin D supplementation on bone development in pigs and the association of Lyme disease in glomerulonephritis in dogs.

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