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Jon Stack, DVM, Practice Limited to Cardiology

Staff Veterinarian


Jon Stack, DVM

Why do you work at Friendship?

I was interested in returning to the DC area from having lived and worked in the area about 5 years ago. I knew about Friendship from living in the area before, and the hospital has an outstanding reputation across the country. The culture and values of the hospital, as well as providing the opportunity to live and work inside the District, made it stand out.


  • Undergraduate: Texas A&M University – 2008
  • Vet School: University of Illinois – 2012
  • Internship: Purdue University
  • Residency: University of Illinois

Clinical Areas of Interest

I have strong interest in interventional procedures, as well as optimal management of congestive heart failure.


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  • Stack, J.P., Moslehi, J., Sayed, N., and Wu, J.C. Cancer Therapy-induced cardiomyopathy: can hiPSC Modelling Prevent it? European Heart Journal. 40(22) (2019): 1764-1770.
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  • Al Ahmad, A. , Lee, B., Stack, J., Parham, C., Campbell, J., Clarke, D., Fertala, A., and Bix, G. J. “Endostatin Binds Nerve Growth Factor and Thereby Inhibits Neurite Outgrowth and Neuronal Migration In-vitro.” Brain Research. 1360 (2010): 28-39.


I engaged in biomarker research in feline heart disease during my residency. I look forward to continued collaborations on this project with my colleagues at the University of Illinois, as well as new opportunities for research with my colleagues at Friendship.

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