Friendship’s Surgical Specialists

Friendship Surgical Specialists (FSS) is the only veterinary surgical specialist group based within the borders of Washington, DC. Led by board-certified surgeons' Dr. Mathieu Glassman and Dr. Dirsko von Pfeil, FSS provides the finest orthopedic and soft tissue surgery ensuring the highest likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Board-Certified Surgeons: What It Means for Your Pet

Friendship Surgical Specialists (FSS) is staffed by board-certified surgeons. What does that mean for you and your pet? Board-certified surgeons commonly have four to eight years of additional training after veterinary school, including a three-year residency that includes specialized surgical training. They must also pass a rigorous exam. This process is strictly supervised by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), ensuring consistency in training and adherence to high standards.

Surgeries offered by FSS include

  • Orthopedic surgery (including cruciate rupture and patella disease)
  • Oncological and reconstructive surgery
  • Airway surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Emergency surgery

See an expanded list of specialist surgeries we perform.

Emergency Surgery

Friendship’s Emergency Surgery Service provides emergency surgical expertise for all your pet’s surgical needs outside of normal hospital hours. Veterinarians and surgical support staff are on call 24 hours a day—everyday.

Emergency surgery services provided by Friendship Hospital for Animals include:

  • Gastric and intestinal foreign body removal
  • Intestinal tumor removal
  • Bleeding abdominal mass removal
  • Traumatic emergency surgery or penetrating wounds
  • Urinary obstruction surgery
  • Gastric dilatation and volvulus (Bloat or GDV)

Comprehensive list of FSS Surgeries


  • Orthopedic traumatology/fracture management
    • Internal plate fixation
    • External fixation
  • Joint surgery
  • Cruciate disease—Advanced locking TPLO plating technology
  • Luxating patella surgery
  • Limb deformity correction
  • Maxillofacial trauma
  • Lameness evaluation
  • Pain management

Soft Tissue

  • Oncological surgery/in coordination with The Oncology Service (TOS)
    • Radical tumor resection
    • Maxillectomy and mandibulectomy
    • Reconstructive surgery
    • Thoracic tumor resection
    • Abdominal tumor resection
    • Limb amputation
    • Thyroid tumor removal
  • Wound management and reconstruction
    • Skin grafting
    • Skin flap
  • Hepatic Surgery
    • Porto-systemic liver shunt
    • Gallbladder and biliary surgery
  • Hernia repair
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Megacolon
  • Thoracic surgeries
    • Patent ductus arteriosis (PDA)
    • Persistent right aortic arch (PRAA)
    • Lung lobe torsions
  • Laryngeal paralysis
  • Ear canal ablation
  • Salivary mucocele
  • Urogenital surgery
    • Urinary obstruction
    • Surgical management of urinary incontinence
    • Vulvuloplasty
  • Prophylactic surgery
    • Gastropexy
    • Brachycephalic airway disease correction
  • Anal sac tumor resection

Emergency surgeries performed by FSS:

  • Fracture repair
  • Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV)
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Hemoabdomen surgery
  • Pyometra surgery

FSS operates Monday through Saturday. Please call 202.363.7300202.363.7300 to make an appointment. You may also reach us via email.