Friendship Oncology Specialists

At Friendship Hospital for Animals our goal is to preserve, lengthen, and improve quality of life for dogs and cats that are afflicted with cancer. With that in mind, we have been delighted to be able to offer oncology for dogs and cats since 1998. Headed by board-certified oncologist Dr. Courtney Mallett, Friendship Oncology Specialists offers a wide variety of treatment options for pets with cancer. The oncology team works closely with your referring veterinarian to provide the best healthcare options for cancer patients.

The focus of FOS is to provide treatment options that meet the specific needs of each client whose pet has been diagnosed with cancer. These options may include conventional chemotherapy, new investigational therapies, and palliative or supportive care. We believe that success in providing options and helping families is best achieved with close communication between FOS, the primary care veterinarian, and the family.