Veterinary Neurology at Friendship

Led by board-certified neurologist, Dr. Lindsay Boozer, our Friendship Neurology Specialists team has extensive training, experience, skill, and technologically advanced diagnostic equipment to help your pet experiencing neurological conditions. Our approach includes a thorough assessment, uncovering how the nervous system is affected by his or her condition, and providing available treatment options. Treatment recommendations may be medical, surgical, or both.

Medical Neurology

Our neurology team is equipped and experienced in the assessment and long-term treatment of complex cases with medical neurologic problems like severe or refractory seizures, autoimmune diseases, as well as strokes and metabolic diseases that affect the nervous system. These chronic problems can be managed alongside the FNS team, together providing the best standard of care for your patients.


If your patient requires neurosurgery to address his or her condition, our neurology team is on hand to perform:

  • Hemilaminectomy and dorsal laminectomy
  • Ventral slot
  • Spinal stabilization
  • Surgical correction of malformations in the nervous system
  • Surgical treatment for cervicospondylomyelopathy (Wobblers disease)
  • Surgical treatment of brain tumors
  • Surgical treatment of head trauma
  • Muscle and nerve biopsy
  • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement

Friendship Hospital for Animals offers many important supportive and diagnostic services essential to neurology care.

Emergency & Critical Care

Since neurological conditions sometimes present as emergencies, you have the reassurance that Friendship is a full-range emergency animal hospital. We care for patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer hospitalization services and board-certified critical care. Our staff includes the District’s only board-certified criticalist.

Advanced Imaging, Testing & Internal Medicine

Friendship Hospital for Animals is equipped with the highly specialized equipment needed to diagnose and treat conditions affecting pet nervous systems (digital radiology, ultrasound, 1.5T MRI, 16-slice CT, lab work, and more). We also offer internal medicine expertise.