Anesthesia safety is our number one priority.

Anesthesia at Friendship Hospital for Animals is overseen by Dr. Nicole Karrasch, the District's only board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist.

Dr. Karrasch is responsible for the oversight of hospital's anesthesia procedures and protocols as well as the training of our anesthesia technicians. Working across all of Friendship's services, Dr. Karrasch is available to consult on or directly oversee any pain management, sedation or anesthesia performed in our facility, depending on the needs of the patient. Our goal is to make every patient's anesthesia experience free of pain and anxiety, while upholding the highest levels of safety.

Advanced anesthesia services, including capnography, pulse oximetry, direct arterial pressure monitoring and blood gas analysis are available, as well as mechanical ventilation and neuromuscular blockade.

A Leader in Pain Management

Friendship Hospital for Animals offers advanced pain management services, including constant rate infusions, epidurals and nerve stimulator-guided nerve blocks. Your pet’s pain management will be tailored to his or her needs and to the procedure being performed. After a procedure, take comfort in knowing your pet’s pain management needs will be continually monitored and assessed by our team of doctors and technicians, 24-hours a day.

For more information, please contact the compassionate staff and veterinarians of Friendship Hospital for Animals.