Meet our Doctors

Fiona Lee, VMD, DACVD




I grew up in NY/NJ with a flawless accent and attended New York University for my undergraduate studies in Chemistry. During this time, I performed research with the human side of medicine, volunteered with a general practitioner veterinarian, and took an elective course in goat husbandry. Realizing that a career in veterinary medicine could combine these diverse interests, I attended veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. Despite the lack of goats in New York City, I returned to the city for my rotating internship at BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

While the subject of dermatology had always interested me (it may have been in the NY/NJ water as my brother is a human dermatologist), what I found most compelling about the specialty was that I could see the problem AND the owner could see the problem. Together, we could make a formidable team to help diagnose, treat, and monitor their pet’s dermatologic disease. Therefore, despite the lack of New York City in Philadelphia, I returned to the University of Pennsylvania for my dermatology residency and became board certified.

Because D.C. is not Philadelphia, and for many other reasons, I am excited to work at Friendship and collaborate with the team!

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