Meet our Doctors

Ashleigh Cournoyer, DVM

Rotating Veterinarian

I’m originally from Danvers, MA (approximately 30 minutes north of Boston) and consider myself a proud New Englander. Like the majority of my colleagues, I have known since a very young age that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I’ve always had a very deep-rooted passion in both animals and science; and decided in kindergarten that it was only natural to mix the two together.

I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in both Pathobiology and Animal Science from the University of Connecticut. After my undergraduate career, I left my New England bubble and started training for my veterinary degree as a Boilermaker at Purdue University. My fourth and final year as a veterinary student shed light into some of my deeper interests, which include internal medicine, critical care medicine, and medical oncology.

When I am not working with my four-legged patients, I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors. I am passionate about hiking, backpacking, running, or any other outdoor activity that involves exploring new places and meeting new people. I live with my boyfriend and our big, goofy Catahoula mix named Ellie just outside of the city. I am thrilled to be moving back to the East Coast, practicing alongside the incredible team that makes up Friendship Hospital, and seeing where this journey of life takes me next.

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