Client Care Technicians

The Client Care department is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving our clients and their pets. They are continuously educated about the evolving field of veterinary medicine through continuing education lectures and department meetings. Client care technicians assist Friendship clients at almost every step on the path to good health and long life for their pets.

As the public face and voice of the Hospital, client care technicians provide excellent and compassionate service to every client. From the first moment a client checks-in with his pet, a client care technician engages to provide the warmest and most welcoming experience possible. Client care technicians are trained to identify and respond quickly to ensure that animals in distress have access to immediate care. At discharge from the Hospital or the end of any appointment, a client care technician reviews with our clients all charges and any notes from the doctor, and educates them about any medications to be given at home. These client care technicians are knowledgeable and effective communicators, serving our clients as their first link to the Hospital.

Each client care technician undergoes months of comprehensive wellness care training to provide our clients with necessary guidance and relevant information. This includes all aspects of wellness care (vaccinations, weight maintenance, dental care, etc.) to help build a foundation of health and well being that will last a pet its entire life. These client care technicians also perform significant follow-up by checking on patient’s post-appointment and taking that time to reassure concerned pet owners.

Trained extensively on the over 400 medications carried by Friendship’s pharmacy, client care technicians also fill every prescription with precision and care. Furthermore, these team members also serve as a vital link to other veterinary practices and commercial pharmacies on behalf of Friendship clients.